Purchase Order funding or PO Financing

Purchase Order Funding

Have you ever had an opportunity to receive an extremely large purchase order from a huge company and not been able to fulfill it for lack of funding?  It happens all the time and most people don't know that there is a growing segment of the Cashflow industry that is specializing in just that.

It is normally done in conjunction with accounts receivable financing to 'take-out' the Purchase Order Funding company.  Funds are usually disbursed directly to suppliers (rather than the company itself) to cover the costs of production, etc.  P.O. Funding is not easy to procure, and is fairly expensive, but if you have a decent profit margin and your Purchase Order is from a well-rated company, you just may qualify.

If you think you that you may be a candidate for Purchase Order Funding, please give L&R Funding Company a call at (407) 522-0133.

You may E-mail us at rdfoster@worldnet.att.net
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